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Hi, I’m Janice Fowler. Let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about my background and my ideas about Property Management. I'd be happy to hear from you and personally and discuss property management and leasing. Phone (505) 867-8000 or voice/text (505) 250-6946.


I work with buyers and sellers on home and vacant land transactions. I also manage residential properties for lease. In 2016, I closed 5 purchases (homes and land) and wrote 12 new leases on properties that I manage. I work in Placitas, Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and surrounding areas. I value the relationships I have with clients and spend time concentrating on their specific needs.

I am a native New Mexican (go Aggies!) and my husband and I have lived in Placitas for 30 years. We have an orchard, vineyards, dogs, chickens, and goldfish. We have one grown son who lives in California. We definitely believe that Placitas is a wonderful place to call home.

I think of myself as a problem solver. I like to keep my mind flexible with a variety of hobbies and I feel this allows me to bring fresh and creative ideas to my work-life. Utilizing creative, critical thinking and strategic thinking, I am able to step back and see problems from a different perspective.

Why I should be your Property Manager

"I understand rental property owners' concerns because I AM a rental property owner."

I have owned and managed residential property in Albuquerque for more than 13 years. My husband and I now own seven units that we have worked to restore and improve. I have to say it’s a job I love—interesting people to work with and always a new puzzle to solve.

Being a rental property owner, I understand the needs of the owner: Is my property okay? Are the tenants paying the rent on time? Are my bills being paid on time and accurately? Is the value of my property being maintained or even increasing?

In managing my own properties, I fully comprehend the necessity of carefully screening and interviewing all potential tenants. Verifying the information they provide about jobs, pay, previous residences, credit worthiness. The perfect tenant pays their rent on time, does no damage to the property, and openly communicates with the property manager.

Even before we purchased investment property, I had been keeping track of financial matters. I’ve been working as freelance bookkeeper for 22 years and I know how money works and the importance of diligent management of funds, careful budgeting, and understandable reporting.

In owning, restoring, and maintaining our properties in Albuquerque, I’ve developed a basic knowledge of all the systems in a home: plumbing, heating, cooling, roofing, electrical, and so on. While I’m not licensed to repair these systems, my knowledge helps me trouble-shoot and often diagnose problems. This skill saves having the wrong professional show up to fix a problem.

I understand the use of advertising and the power of a photograph. I use online photographic media extensively in marketing my own rentals and I have found that photos are a terrific tool for verifying condition of property for repairs and for retention of damage deposits from tenants. A picture really is worth a thousand words and perfectly supplements notes about the property.

Why I should be your Landlord

I’ve been managing residential property that I own with my husband for more than 13 years. I have had many long-term tenants who find that my friendly, fair, responsive management allows them to comfortably enjoy their homes. Several of our tenants have even moved from one of our homes to a larger or smaller home as their lives have changed—they value our property management style and attentive care.

To be a good Landlord, you need to recognize that the tenant deserves a fully-functional, comfortable home. The house is in topnotch condition before the tenant moves in, proper maintenance and repairs are done during tenancy, and the condition of the house is evaluated fairly when the tenant moves out (and damage deposit funds are returned accordingly). A good Landlord is available by phone/e-mail/text and promptly returns messages and finds timely solutions to issues that arise. I consider myself a good Landlord and my tenants agree.


I have a New Mexico Real Estate License, I am a member of the local and national Realtors® associations, and the local and national Apartment Associations. I studied for my real estate license at Central New Mexico Community College and took an additional semester in Property Management. I firmly believe in continuing education. I have taken seminars in conflict management, Fair Housing, fraud awareness, photo documentation, ethics, and other topics.

Contact Janice Fowler, 505-867-8000 or 505-250-6946 (voice or text) for information about leasing!

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